We at Pave scholars Academy understand and are able to implement both curricula requirements for effective learning outcomes. We understand that the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children starts during the early years, in line with this Pave Scholar’s academy
has made provision that supports knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence that helps children to overcome any disadvantage. At Pave scholars academy we ensure that children feel included, secure and valued by working together with parents in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We aim to nurture and build children’s natural energy, enthusiasm and curiosity to enable them to learn and achieve.
• Encouraging skill and confidence in using language by providing a setting in which much reading is done and there is much to talk about, accessible interested and interesting people to talk.
• Providing a structured classroom play with lots of ideas to keep children engaged with visual activities and active participation.
• Challenging Students to learn when faced with genuine challenges, choices and responsibility